Commercial Lot Sweeping

Commercial real estate owners know that a clean parking lot is a major factor in determining where customers will shop.  Your lot is the first impression a customer has of your business.  In fact, it has a real impact on the public’s perception of the capability and reliability of your business.  Successful businesses maintain clean lots, and since your primary business isn’t lot cleaning, leave it to the Salt Lake City parking lot sweeping experts at Mudd Doggs, who can do it quickly, professionally and at a great price.  Most businesses can maintain a clean lot with one sweeping per week, while high traffic businesses may need multiple sweepings per week.  Our team of professional Salt Lake City parking lot sweepers can handle the job, regardless of the size of your lot or the quantity of sweeping you need each week.

Our regular Salt Lake City area parking lot sweeping services are not only a great investment in your business, they have real environmental impact.  Studies have shown that 50% to 90% of pollutants that would otherwise be washed into the groundwater can be picked up with regular sweeping.  Commercial sweeping not only makes you a smart business owner, it also makes you a great community citizen!

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